Episode 3

Red stepped back onto the dry patch of gum leaves as the next car slowed past his outstretched thumb. He walked towards the open door waiting for him, and settled beside a picnic basket and a staring child. The car moved off again, leaving behind a fresh cloud of dust to settle onto the bushes and fence posts.

‘Where to?’ The driver asked.

‘Somewhere new,’ Red replied. ‘I’m seeing where my day takes me.’ He waved his hand and therefore the thumb. ‘Oh…sorry, this thumb appears to be stuck in position.’

To read more of this story and previous episodes, CLICK HERE

This website is a transmedia project. Transmedia storytelling is the act of telling a single story across multiple platforms, in order to reach a wider audience, and to expand the narrative itself.

The story of the scarecrow’s travels began in August 2015. A trackable item was initially dropped into a geocache in Victoria, Australia and labelled with this website address, and Facebook reference. Geocaching members who find the item may participate in this transmedia exercise, and influence the story by coming up with descriptive phrases of their quest, or even videos.

As the main Red Hitchhiker story grows, the labelled and trackable geocoin will create its own story. The author will use the geocoin’s story to influence the other.

Who is the Red Hitchhiker?

The Red Hitchhiker is a married man of ample means. His wife is a romance novelist who, once or twice a year, needs about a month or so to finish off a book.

‘Red’ goes on holiday during that time, seeking drivers to talk to, and to enjoy being out in the country. He stays at B & Bs, the odd Youth Hostel and sometimes pretty cottages with balconies, to watch life go by.

The Hitchhiker will talk but mainly likes to listen to anybody, to hear people’s stories.

Next time you see a hessian-hatted man with a one foot, thumbing a lift, ask yourself if you feel like a chat.

How is this geocaching item going to affect the story?

The miniature car is a trackable geocaching item. When participants find this item in a cache, they need to log onto the geocaching website and record their detailsgeocoin onto the cache’s log, as well as onto the unique page for this trackable. The log will include where the car was found, and into which cache it is then placed. This is how the item is trackable.

The label on the car includes a request for comments, and imaginative descriptive phrases. The idea is to get a feel for the environment the cache is in, or to note the experiences of the people involved.

The Red Hitchhiker’s story and travels will be influenced by these comments.

Geocachers: Enter your comments on the Red Hitchhiker’s Facebook page. 

©Copyright 2015  Cora Wolswinkel


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